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Change Your Delegation to a New Operator

The following steps are necessary for a Restaker to move their Delegated balance to a New Operator. The process below requires users to perform each of the following steps in order:

  • Undelegate assets, which automatically queues a withdrawal. The Undelegate and Queue Withdrawal transactions are combined due to the security architecture of EigenLayer smart contracts.
  • Redeposit each asset.
  • Delegate to the new Operator.

Please follow the recommended steps below carefully to avoid a "partially delegated state". A partially delegated state is when some portion of your assets in Delegated state and other assets in a "queued for withdrawal" or "withdrawal ready for completion" state.

Process to Change Your Delegation to a New Operator

Step 1: Visit the Operator page for your currently delegated Operator. Click Undelegate.

undelegate button

Step 2: Confirm the two transactions in your Web3 wallet.

Step 3: Observe that your Restaked balances are now 0.0 TVL. Those assets are now undelegated from the previous Operator appear in "Pending Withdraw" state.

Step 4: Wait for the escrow period to end before continuing. Please see Testnet vs Mainnet differences for detail.

Step 5: Manually Redeposit each asset. Navigate to each asset page individually. Navigate to the Unstake tab, click Redeposit. This will prompt a Redeposit transaction for each asset that you will confirm in your Web3 wallet.

Step 6: After all assets have been redeposited, navigate to the Operator page for the new operator you wish to delegate to. Click Delegate button.

Step 7: Observe that your delegation has been changed to the new Operator.


Do not click the Redelegate button on the Operator page. The button is intended to be used only for users that have funds in a "partially delegated state".