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What is a Node Operator within EigenLayer?

Operators, who can be either individuals or organizations, play an active role in the EigenLayer protocol. By registering within EigenLayer, they enable ETH stakers to delegate their staked assets, whether in the form of native ETH or LSTs. The Node Operators then opt-in to provide a range of services to AVSs, enhancing the overall security and functionality of their networks.

Operator Eligibility and Restaking Criteria

Becoming an Operator in the EigenLayer ecosystem does not require a specific amount of delegated restaked TVL. Essentially, any Ethereum address can serve as an Operator. An address can function as both a Restaker, engaging in either liquid or native restaking, and as an Operator simultaneously. However, it is important to note that this dual role is not mandatory. An Operator can participate in the EigenLayer network without having any restaked tokens.

Most Operators will receive token delegations sourced from other Restakers within the network, otherwise Operators can choose to self-delegate by allocating their restaked token balance.


Quorums are a grouping of Strategies (Restaked Assets) to be used by an AVS for shared security measures. Operators can choose to opt into quorums of one or more tokens, depending on their preference and the designs of the AVS operate.

An Operator can opt into as many quorums as they like as long as they have sufficient TVL for those quorums.