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EIGEN Token Restaking FAQ

Please see the EigenFoundation documentation site for full details on the EIGEN token. This page will only cover behaviors of EIGEN token related to Restaking on the EigenLayer protocol.

Can I Restake and Delegate EIGEN without Restaking and Delegating another type of asset (LST or Native Restaked ETH)?


Can I undelegate (and unstake) EIGEN without also undelegating (and unstaking) other assets?

No. Per the Undelegate from an Operator and Initiate Withdrawal, the action of Undelegation queues withdrawal (unstaking) for all restaked assets simultaneously.

What is the contract address for EIGEN?

Please see the Deployments table here.

Does restaking it give restaked points, etc.

Restaking EIGEN does not currently earn Restaked Points in the EigenLayer Web App. Please see Will I earn rewards for staking EIGEN? for more detail.