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Restaking Developer Guide

EigenLabs acknowledges the growing interest in direct smart contract restaking, which allows users to interact with the public smart contracts for a more customized and controlled restaking experience. While we currently do not offer comprehensive documentation for this approach, we encourage those interested in pursuing it to proceed with awareness of the potential risks.

Direct restaking involves complexities and carries the risk of mistakes that could lead to the loss of funds. Although full support from EigenLabs is not available at this stage, we are committed to assisting you where possible. We advise you to adhere to established best practices for secure contract interactions, including conducting security audits, thorough testing on testnets, and actively engaging with the developer community for additional insights and guidance.

We are dedicated to providing a more robust support framework for direct smart contract restaking in the future. In the meantime, our team is available to answer your questions and provide guidance to ensure a safer and more informed integration process. Please reach out to us with any queries as you explore this innovative approach to restaking.