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EigenPod Upgrade Guide

If your EigenPod was created prior to Stage 2, you will need to upgrade your EigenPod per the steps below.

EigenLayer Stage 2 enables proving the state of your validators from the beacon chain to EigenLayer smart contracts to confirm the amount restaked. As a result EigenPods that were created prior to M2 contract upgrades are required to have their balances reset to zero, then generate the proofs through the EigenLayer app in order to ensure proof accounting is accurate.

Step 1: Click Upgrade EigenPod.

Step 2: Review the fee recipient warning and click Continue.

Step 3: Review the disclaimer that you are about to trigger a withdrawal of Consensus Rewards from your EigenPod. Click Confirm to continue.

Step 4: Observe the Restaking Activated confirmation and explanation that Restaking will be available after the next beacon state update.