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Webapp Content Guidelines

Operator Page

The following are guidelines (“Guidelines”) for what content Operators should include in their listing of their Operator on (the “App”). These Guidelines are intended to help ensure that Operators are providing relevant information from which restakers can select an Operator.

The content in the Operator tile may include the following:

  • Factual information relating to:
    • The company or team running the Operator
    • The technical ability or experience relevant to the competence of the Operator
  • Links to website or social profiles associated with the Operator
  • Logos associated with the Operator

The following content is not permitted to be displayed in the Operator tile:

  • Any offer or promotion of illegal activities
  • Any (i) vulgar or profane language or content or (ii) links to vulgar or profane content
  • Promotions or incentives for stakers including offering of tokens
  • Any false or misleading content
  • Any links to content that is not owned or controlled by the Operator
  • Any links to social profiles other than those associated with the Operator
  • Any content that violates the intellectual property rights of any other person or entity (including using the branding or logo of EigenLayer or Eigen Labs)
  • Anything violating the Terms of Service

Eigen Labs, Inc. (“Eigen Labs”) reserves the right to update these Guidelines at any time and without notice. If you violate these Guidelines, Eigen Labs may delist you or otherwise decrease your visibility on the App.

Reporting a Violation or Remediation of Guidelines

Please use our Support channel for reporting either of the following:

  • Operator violations of Webapp Content Guidelines.
  • Appeal to review and whitelist an Operator who has remediated their violation of the guidelines.

Click on the Intercom chat icon in the bottom right of your screen, then choose “Create a Ticket: Operator Blocklist”.