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AVS Dashboard Onboarding

This document defines interfaces that AVSs must implement for us to be able to index their data for the V1 AVS Marketplace.


interface IServiceManager {
// Below 3 functions are just proxies to the same-named functions in the AVSDirectory
function registerOperatorToAVS(address operator, Signature memory signature);

function deregisterOperatorFromAVS(address operator);

function updateAVSMetadataURI(string calldata metadataURI);

// Below 2 functions are needed for your AVS to appear correctly on the UI
function getOperatorRestakedStrategies(address operator) returns (address[] memory)

function getRestakeableStrategies() returns (address[] memory);

In order to have its name, information, and logo indexed, an AVS MUST invoke updateAVSMetadataURI() on the AVSDirectory contract. It currently takes about 10 minutes for it to be indexed and the metadata to be updated on the dashboard.

In order to have its list of operators displayed on the UI, an AVS MUST handle operator registration/deregistration by calling registerOperatorToAVS() and deregisterOperatorFromAVS() on EigenLayer’s AVSDirectory.

In order to have its restakeable strategies displayed on the UI, an AVS MUST implement getRestakeableStrategies().

In order to have its Total Restaked Value displayed on the UI, an AVS MUST implement getOperatorRestakedStrategies().

Proxy and Implementation addresses for AVSDirectory contract are available at EigenLayer Contracts -> Deployments.

MetadataURI Format

The metadataURI should follow the format outlined in this example. The logo MUST be in PNG format.

"name": "EigenLabs AVS 1",
"website": "",
"description": "This is my 1st AVS",
"logo": "",
"twitter": ""

Note that for proper rendering of your logo on the UI, the logo must be hosted on GitHub and its reference must point to the raw file as the example above shows. If you need a repo for your logo to be hosted publicly, you can make a PR to the eigendata repo and have your logo added:

Holesky Dashboard onboarding

Once you've gone through the above steps, fill out this form so the metadata you submitted for your AVS can be reflected on the Holesky dashboard.

Mainnet Dashboard onboarding

Prior to planning your Mainnet onboarding, please test first in Testnet and contact our team via the form here.