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Software Upgrades

Please monitor the following channels for updates to EigenDA Operator software:

If you are running your node using docker compose, you can perform an upgrade by following the steps below:

Step 1: Pull the latest repo

cd eigenda-operator-setup/mainnet
git pull

Update the MAIN_SERVICE_IMAGE in your .env file with the latest EigenDA version as per the release notes.


If there are any specific instructions that needs to be followed for any upgrade, those instructions will be given with the release notes of the specific release. Please check the latest release notes on GitHub and follow the instructions before starting the services again.

Step 2: Pull the latest docker images

docker compose pull

Step 3: Stop the existing services

docker compose down

Step 4: Start your services again

Make sure your .env file still has correct values in the TODO sections before you restart your node.

docker compose up -d