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Errors while opting in into EigenDA

failed to request churn approval

Error: failed to opt-in EigenDA Node Network for operator ID: <OPERATOR_ID>, operator address: <OPERATOR_ADDRESS>, error: failed to request churn approval: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = failed to process churn request: registering operator must have 10.000000% more than the stake of the lowest-stake operator. Stake of registering operator: 0, stake of lowest-stake operator: 6301801525718228411481, quorum ID: 0

This is because your operator doesn't have enough stake to run EigenDA. Please refer to this to learn more about this error

failed to read or decrypt the BLS/ECDSA private key

Please make sure the operator keys location in the .env file is correctly populated. Make sure to put correct bls and ecdsa key location