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Metrics and Monitoring

These instructions provide a quickstart guide to run the Prometheus, Grafana, and Node exporter stack.

Step 1: Move your current working directory to the monitoring folder:

cd monitoring
cp .env.example .env
  • Open the .env file, ensure the location of prometheus.yml is correct for your environment.
  • In the prometheus.yml file:
    • Update prometheus config file is updated with the metrics port (NODE_METRICS_PORT) of the eigenda node in parent folder .env file
    • Ensure the eigenda container name for scrape_configs.targets matches the value of the parent folder .env file (MAIN_SERVICE_NAME).
    • Make sure the location of prometheus file is correct in .env file

Step 2: Run the following command to start the monitoring stack

docker compose up -d

Step 3: Since eigenda is running in a different docker network we will need to have prometheus in the same network. To do that, run the following command

docker network connect eigenda-network prometheus

Note: eigenda-network is the name of the network in which eigenda is running. You can check the network name in eigenda .env file (NETWORK_NAME). This will ensure Prometheus can scrape the metrics from Eigenda node.

Useful Dashboards: EigenDA offers a set of Grafana dashboards that are automatically imported when initializing the monitoring stack.

If you prefer to set up the metrics and monitoring stack manually, follow the steps located here.