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App Version History

Summary of the most recent upgrades to the EigenLayer Frontend app.

Version 2.0.1

October 2, 2023
Performance & Design: Introduced a revamped design system focused on both functionality and user experience. This translates to improved rendering and UI responsiveness.
Next.js & Component Library:
Integrated the latest version of Next.js with Server Side Rendering (SSR) to enhance both performance and SEO. Added a customizable component library, providing a set of consistent and reusable UI elements.
trpc Integration: Optimized API route management with trpc for efficient data interactions.
TailwindCSS: Incorporated TailwindCSS to streamline the design development process, maintaining UI consistency.
Restaking Points fix: The calculation for native restaking points for validators in the pending state:
We are now using activation_eligibility_epoch to calculate the restaking points of validators in the pending queue. Prior to this change, we used activation_epoch which resulted in errors in our calculation for the following reasons:
  • activation_epoch can not be predicted while validators are pending so the value is set to a default of int_max.
  • This impacted validators in a pending state as we were calculating their time integrated contribution (restaking points) using the int_max value instead of their true activation_epoch. Note: This only affected validators in a pending state. Once activated, the activation_epoch updated to the correct value and points returned to normal.
If you are unfamiliar with validator status variables and want to learn more see this explanation.
TVL calculation changes:
The way validator balances are counted has changed:
  • Prior to this update, we counted validator balances as a constant value of 32 ether. We’ve since updated this and counted the precise validator beacon chain balance to more accurately reflect user’s restaked values. (Note: This excludes partial withdrawals, because those are not restaked)
What effect does this have on the new UI for users?
All users: Users might see a slight variation in the TVL due to native validator balances being more accurately reflected.
Users with restaked validators: Users will now see their true validator balance reflected rather than a constant value of 32 ether.
Improved Error Handling: Enhanced mechanisms for handling deposit pauses and TVL limit errors.
Hosting & Observability:
Transitioned from Netlify to Vercel for better performance metrics. On Vercel, integrated plugins for improved API rate limiting and incorporated observability tools like Axiom and Grafana for system monitoring.
Transaction Notifications: Replaced the transaction modal with a more direct transaction notification system.
Protocol Information Banner: Added a banner to provide users with immediate updates on the protocol state.
Automated Testing Suite: Rolled out comprehensive automated tests covering various customer flows, from resetting approvals to managing withdrawals.
Wallet Integration: Expanded wallet support with a notable addition of Gnosis Safe.