Mainnet Launch

Initial Launch

The initial launch of EigenLayer is catered towards stakers who want to restake on EigenLayer. The launch is limited to restaking and withdrawing restaked assets, and does not feature opting in to services or delegation of restaked assets within EigenLayer.
The significant components available now are:
  • EigenPod: A contract that is deployed on a per-user basis that facilitates native restaking.
  • DelayedWithdrawalRouter: When a staker participating in native restaking via an EigenPod wants to withdraw from participating in both Ethereum and EigenLayer, this contract serves as an escrow for their withdrawn ETH for 7 days.
  • StrategyManager: A contract that facilitates liquid restaking.
These components enable the following features:
  • Ethereum holders who wish to start staking on Ethereum and natively restake on EigenLayer, can set their validator withdrawal credentials to their EigenPod in the process of depositing their stake on Ethereum.
  • Existing Ethereum stakers with a 0x00 withdrawal prefix can natively restake on EigenLayer by setting their withdrawal credential to their EigenPod.
  • LST holders of stETH, rETH, or cbETH can participate in liquid restaking on EigenLayer.
  • For LSTs and EigenPods, queued withdrawals have a 7-day hold before it is available to withdraw.

Future Upgrades

After this initial launch, the next protocol upgrade will enable operators to register with EigenLayer, and enable restakers to delegate to those operators.
Subsequently, the protocol will be upgraded to enable on-chain contracts of service modules to interact with EigenLayer, and enable operators and restakers to opt-in to validating for those service modules.