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Arbitrum Orbit User Guide

Arbitrum Orbit is a Rollup Development Kit (RDK) developed by Offchain Labs to enable rollup developers to build rollups using the same software that powers Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova. In partnership with AltLayer, we have forked the core component of Orbit, Nitro, to add M0 support for EigenDA. The M0 status of this integration means that it is only designed for testnet.

How to deploy an Orbit chain

A short guide on launching an Orbit L3 against the EigenDA testnet:

Follow the Orbit Quickstart documentation until step 9, skipping step 7. When prompted to use the official orbit-setup-script repo, use the forked repo instead. At the end of step 8 you should have your chainConfig.json and orbitSetupScriptConfig.json saved locally.

This fork of Nitro is on version v2.2.0, but the Orbit chain deployment portal is on version v2.1.3, which means the nodeConfig.json must be updated to reflect the new format, according to the configuration migration guide in the v2.2.0 release notes.

Finally, continue with steps 9-11 with your updated configuration file. If you've completed these steps successfully, congrats! You are now running an Orbit rollup that uses EigenDA.

This documentation is under construction and will continue to change. For technical questions and hand-on support please reach out to